Should I take the Leap?

I'm leaning more and more towards switching to my Wordpress site and just leaving this one up for archives. Main reason: few returning visitors, few comments anyway. Reason for not: blogger's email to post feature. Reason to leap: blogger's comment feature is so cumbersome that I think most folks give up trying to comment. That's my theory anyway. Reason for leaping would be that Wordpress's comment feature is much easier to use. But by looking at my blog you wouldn't know that. Anyone else gone this route and had issues?


Richard said...

I have never really regretted leaving blogger and have been really impressed with Wordpress. The only real problem I have is the limitations on incorporating Java links.

Steve Hayes said...

I know the feeling, and I've been weighing up the pros and cons myself.

The longer they take to fix the bugs in Blogger, the more itchy my feet get.

the Prince of Thrift said...

I personally find wordpress cumbersome, I have looked at downloading it, then trying to set it up on my own servers. It's just more hassel then I want to deal with, so I will stay with blogger for all my "major" blogs.
such as my "budgeteating","debtFree4ever", "BumperStickerOfTheDay", and of course the newest one "Daily-Scripture"

I really expect the new "verse of the day" blog will become my biggest once people start finding out about it. That reminds me, I need get my Bible and decide what verse will be tomorrows "verse of the day."

Also the new blogger is really cool since I upgraded.
- DeWayne Kevin Surbaugh